Love Prints Personalised Keepsakes - Prints on Pottery

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Two personalised, rectangle plates, one with a Santa hand print, Rudolph footprint and Christmas Tree hand print.  One with three Elephant hand prints in pink, teal and blue.
Print taking at Create It.  Safely taking a hand an footprint of one of our younger customers.

Perfect for prints

We have so many different pottery pieces suitable for hand and footprints.  We can take prints on functional pieces like mugs, plates, bowls, jugs, vases etc. or decorative pieces like plaques, tiles, photo frames and decorations. We have such a wide range of different sized pottery pieces we can accommodate anything from a single footprint, right up to handprints of the whole family.

Safety first

You can rest assured that the safety of our customers and staff is top priority. The underglaze colours we use are water based and non-toxic so super safe for little hands and feet. And we always have a baby wipe on hand for a quick clean up once the prints have been taken.

Print taking at Create It.  Taking a baby footprint on a small tile.
A painted footprint on a mug, decorated with lighter colours before the print was taken.  This is the mug, after it has been glazed and fired in the kiln.

Taking the prints

Capturing the perfect prints can be tricky but with so many years experience we've had lots of practice! Hand and footprints can be taken at any age although it can be trickier to get good quality painted handprints with babies as they tend to curl their fingers when they feel the paint. Because of this we usually recommend footprints where possible for babies under one although we’ll always give it a go. We are often asked to capture prints from your furbabies too and as animal lovers we're always happy to help.

What happens next

You may have painted your pottery with a pale coloured background before the prints were taken or you may decide to decorate around the prints once they are safely on the pottery - spots or patterns around the edge are popular.  Or why not turn your prints into a cheeky monkey, elephant or other animal. If you’d prefer, we can complete the art work for you, once the prints have been taken, for a small charge. Equally effective is keeping it simple by just adding a name and age and letting the prints shine.

Taking baby footprints on a mug at Create It.  These red footprints will become the letter V in the word LOVE.

Love Prints Gift Vouchers

Available for all our personalised keepsakes.

A proud dog showing off his precious paw prints on square and circular tiles.
A medium coupe plate with a red footprint, younger sibling's blue footprint and their pet's paw print in black.
Family hand and footprints on a large square platter, made as a gift for Grandma.
Medium Coupe Plate with blue hand print turned into a space ship and a red footprint turned into a space rocket.
A medium tile with two red footprints forming a V shape for the word LOVE.
Medium Coupe Plate with green / brown footprint turned into Yoda character as a gift for Daddy.
Square plate with three red hand prints and heart decoration with message to Daddy.
Small Coupe Plate with an orange footprint turned into a fox with personalised message.
Large Square Tile with family hand prints in purple, teal, pink and yellow.
Heart Plate decorated with light colours and dots with two purple footprints turned into a butterfly.
Large Coupe Plate with three siblings hand prints in red, purple and green, turned into monsters, as a gift for Grandma.
Medium Heart Plaque with two red footprints and rainbow dots around the edge.
Large Coupe Plate with blue footprint turned into a bird as a groom, and a smaller sibling footprint in purple, turned into a bird as a bride, as a wedding gift.
Cone Flare Mug with blue footprint turned into the Cookie Monster.
Large Coupe Plate with two brown footprints turned into guitars, as a gift for Daddy.
A Curved Heart Plaque with purple hand print making the letter O in the word LOVE.
Large Square Platter with family hand prints in blue, orange, yellow and green with a poem written in the middle.
Small Coupe Plate with blue hand print turned into a peacock, with grass detail.
Large Coupe Plate decorated with sky and tree detail and two brown hand prints turned into monkeys as a gift 'from your cheeky monkeys'.
An Oval Plaque with purple and green hand print turned into the Hulk, red hand print turned into Spiderman and black hand print turned into Batman.
Large Coupe Plate with two purple feet turned into a butterfly and decorated with different coloured spots, as a gift for Granny.
Rectangle Plate with a light background and grey hand print turned into an elephant, carrying a big bunch of brightly coloured balloons.
Hand prints and footprints on round clock with brightly painted numbers.
Large Coupe Plate with red hand print making the O in the word LOVE with decorative dots around the edge.
Brown hand prints turned into monkeys on a clock with green painted numbers and tree scene.
Black and red footprints turned into ladybirds with grass design on a regular mug, with Love Bug wording.
Big Breakfast Plate including red footprints for bacon, fingers for sausages and fingerprints for beans, as a gift for Daddy.
Multi coloured hand print turned into a rainbow fish on a regular mug, decorated with dots.
Blue footprints on a Small Coupe Plate turned into Elsa and Olaf from Frozen.
Black and white footprint on a Tall Latte Mug turned into a cow's head with added cute eye detail.
Red hand print on Small Coupe Plate turned into a ballerina as a gift for Daddy.
Two black footprints on a Regular Mug making the shape of a cat's face with eyes, nose and whiskers added to complete the face.
Heart Plaque with two teal footprints and a 'Will you be my Godmother?' message.
Purple hand print on square Herb Pot, turned into a peacock by adding feather detail.
Traditional Jug with two red footprints positioned to make the letter V in the word LOVE, decorated with painted bees.
Small round tile with rainbow paw print and personalisation around the outside edge.
Square Herb Pot with two green footprints, positioned in such a way to be turned into a crocodile.  Teeth and eye added to create the transformation.
Large Plant Pot with two yellow footprints decorated to look like giraffes.  Plant pot base decorated with green camouflage, as a gift for Daddy.
Cone Flare Mug with two brown footprints and additional detail added to make the prints into an owl.
Large round tile with green footprint made into a frog, as a gift for Grandma.
Purple footprint on Tall Latte Mug, turned into a cute monster - Daddy's Little Monster written on opposite side of the print.