Frequently Asked Questions

Fired Pottery

What do I get in my Fired Pottery Painting Kit?

In you kit, you will receive your chosen pottery piece along with the colour under glazes you have selected (each piece comes with 5 glazes but additional ones can be purchased). You'll also receive two paint brushes and a helpful guide to painting pottery. If you have brushes at home, these can be used too.

Do I need to do anything with my pottery before I start painting it?

It's important to make sure that your hands are clean and free from grease as it can result in the pottery resisting the underglaze paints. It’s also a good idea to give your pottery a wipe over with a clean, damp sponge.  This will remove any bits of plaster dust before you start.  Don’t get the pottery too wet though as this may prevent the glaze from absorbing.

Are the underglaze paints safe for children to use?

The paints are water based and non-toxic so safe for children. However, we do always recommend adult supervision for small children.

How many coats of paint do I need?

For solid coverage, three coats of paint are needed.  Leave to dry inbetween coats.  It doesn’t take long to dry – just a few minutes – and you know when it’s ready for it’s next coat, when the glaze looks matt and chalky – not shiny.

Does it matter which colours I start with?

Yes. We always recommend starting with your lightest, palest colours first and work you way to the darkest colours.  Dark colours will show up on top of pale colours but light colours tend not to show up very well on top of darker colours.

Should I use a brush or a sponge?

Either! It’s sometimes easier to do larger areas – or a base coat – with a sponge.  This can give a more even coverage and make base coating a little quicker although a thick brush can also work well. For fine detail a brush is the best option.

Do I need to paint all the pottery?  What happens if I leave some blank spaces?

You don’t need to paint all the pottery if you don’t want to.  All the pieces are dipped in clear glaze before going in the kiln so any white patches you have left will come out white and shiny.

The colours on my pottery don’t look the same as they do on the samples and the colour wheel! 

Don’t worry, they will once they have been fired in the kiln.  There are a few colours that look very different before they have been through the firing process.  The red colour for example, looks pink – but it will come out bright red once it’s been glazed and fired.  The other colour that changes considerably is the dark blue.  It looks quite pale before it’s fired but will change to navy blue in the firing process.

Can I use other paints such as poster paints or acrylics on my pottery if I want to add a different colour before it's fired?

No. The paints that we provide with your pottery are underglaze and are designed to be fired in the kiln. Other paints can cause damage to your pottery as they are not designed to be fired. If you require additional colours they can be bought individually here.

What if I make a mistake?

Don’t panic!  Mistakes can usually be rectified with a damp sponge – or if the paint has dried a little, it can even be scratched or sanded off. If you’re unsure, you can always contact us for advice.  Or why not turn your mistake into a happy accident and change your design slightly?

What should I do with my pottery once I’ve finished painting?

Please keep it somewhere safe until you can bring it back to us for glazing and firing. Once it’s dry, wrap it back up in the bubble wrap ready to return.

Can I return the small paint tubs for recycling?

Yes. Any left over paint and the plastic tubs can be returned to us for recycling in an environmentally and hygienically safe way.

What happens next when we bring it back to Create It? 

Your pottery is dipped in clear glaze and fired in our on-site kiln. 

How long does it take to be glazed and fired?

The process usually takes around 7-10 days (depending on how busy we are) but can sometimes be quicker. If you need something more quickly please ask and we'll check if it's possible.

Do you offer a delivery service for pottery painting?

Yes. We are currently able to offer delivery within a 5 mile radius of Create It in Cheadle at a cost of £3.  We will always attempt to deliver to you within a timescale suitable for your needs, however,at times this could be up to 7 days.  If you need assistance in returning your pottery to us, please contact us to discuss options, otherwise you would need to return the pottery to us once you’ve finished your painting.

I live too far away to visit Create It. Can you send a kit out to me in the post?

At the moment, we only offer local delivery and not a postal service. However, watch this space, as this is something we may be able to offer in the future.

When shall I come and pick my pottery up?  And what happens to my pottery if I don’t?

Unless otherwise advised, the pottery takes 7-10 days to be glazed and fired. It’s always worth giving us a quick call to check it’s ready if you’re making a special visit to pick it up. We will keep your fired pottery and be responsible for its’ safety for up to 3 months. (Where space is available, we will endeavour to keep fired pottery for up to 6 months, however, we can only guarantee and be responsible for it’s safety for up to 3 months).

Once it has been fired can I use my pottery for food and drink? And can it be used in the microwave and washed in the dishwasher?

All our fired tableware is perfectly food-safe and suitable to eat or drink from. Because of the extreme temperatures / hot spots created by microwave cooking and the less gentle nature of dishwasher cleaning we don't recommend either of these methods of washing / heating for your precious hand painted pottery. Washing by hand is always best for the longevity of your creations.

Non-Fired Pottery with Acrylic Paints

What if I want to paint pottery but can’t bring it back for glazing and firing?

If you want pottery to take home and paint without having to return it, you can paint it with acrylic paints instead of underglaze paints. Acrylic paint covers the bisque pottery beautifully and gives a lovely sheen however it is not waterproof or food-safe. For this reason it can only be used with decorative items, not pieces used for food / water. These pieces can be cleaned by dusting or damp cloth only.

What will I get in my Non-Fired Pottery with Acrylic Paints kit?

This kit will contain your chosen pottery piece, a selection acrylic paints (sometimes with glitter glue) and a paint brush with a guide to using and mixing acrylic paints. If you have paint brushes at home, these can be used too.

Prints on Pottery

How old does my baby / child have to be for a hand or footprint?

We can take prints at absolutely any age.  We have been delighted to take prints of babies just a few days old and also privileged to take prints of grandparents on family handprint platters.  It can be tricky taking hand prints of particularly young children / babies, as they tend to clench their hands upon feeling wet paint. However, each baby / child is different so what works for some might be different for others.  Footprints are much easier with younger ones. 

Which colours work best for hand and footprints?

Although we have a wide spectrum of colours to choose from, some work better than others when it comes to hand and footprints.  You need to choose something dark enough to show up well, as instead of three coats of paint, the print will be just one layer of paint.  However, some of the darker colours can leave a slight stain if the print doesn’t go to plan and needs to be wiped off.  Please speak to one of our team for advice on the most suitable colours for hands and feet as there are a few factors to consider.

Can I have a painted background on my pottery before the prints go on?

Yes.  If you choose to have a base coat however, this must be a paler colour than the colour of the hand or footprint.  For this reason, we usually suggest a pastel coloured base coat with a strong colour for the hand or footprint.  Another alternative is to paint the base coat in a strong, bright colour and then do the hand or footprint in black.  Bear in mind though, that the prints don’t always show as must detail as they do when they are taken straight onto the pottery.

I want to turn my baby’s footprint into a character.  Can you help with this?

Yes we can.  We have lots ideas on our Prints on Pottery page that you can use for inspiration.  Alternatively, if you’d like us to complete the artwork for you, this can be arranged for a small fee.

What about names and dates on my little one’s hand and footprint pottery?

We will gladly add a name and date to your pieces free of charge.  If you’d like any additional writing, this can be done for an extra £2 for the first 5 words and then £1 per every 5 words thereafter.

What kind of pottery can I put a hand or footprint on? 

Any pottery that has the space for a print can be used for this.  The popular pieces for prints are mugs, plates, tiles, plaques, picture frames, vases and jugs.

Clay Imprints

How old does my baby / child need to be to have a clay impression of their hand or foot?

Absolutely any age. Unlike the prints on pottery, hand and footprints can be taken from newborn onwards – although some older children might find handprints a better option as feet tend to grow so quickly! And if mum, dad or grandparents want to get in on the family handprints, that’s fine too!

How many prints can I have on one piece of clay?

This will depend on the size of the prints.  The most popular clay imprint is the double, which is two prints – either and hand and foot, two hands or two feet.  This can be of the same child or of two different children.  Another popular choice is to have an older sibling’s hand and footprint with a baby hand and footprint inside the older print. Examples can be found on or Clay Imprints page.   If you have a specific idea that you’ve not seen a sample of, please contact us to discuss the idea.

Do I have to have my clay imprint framed?

No, framing is optional. If you decide not to have it framed, we can pop a strong, adhesive hanger on the back for you for a small charge.

What kind of frame can I choose?

We have a selection of frames to choose from, including white, oak, black and silver effect.  We also have a selection of backboard colours too.

Commissions and Personalisation

I’d like something to give as a gift but don’t want to paint it myself.  Can you help?

Yes, we offer a commission service.  Whether it’s a written message, a logo or a painting of something specific, just give us a call on 0161 222 3445 to discuss your requirements. You can see some of our previous commissions here.

Can you add some writing to my pottery piece?

Yes, we can do the writing for you if you’d like.  We include a name and a date on all our pottery, free of charge. For any additional wording, we charge £2 for the first 5 words then £1 per every 5 words thereafter.

Silver Imprint Jewellery

How do you take the fingerprints? Or hand / foot / paw prints?

The prints are usually taken by us at Create It.  However, if it’s more convenient or you’re not local to us in Cheadle, Cheshire, we can provide a DIY print taking kit to enable you to take the prints at home. Our kits come with full instructions for getting the best print. The fingerprints are taken using a two-part putty.  The two parts of putty are mixed togetherthen the finger is impressed into the putty. This will then set to form a mould which we make a cast of.  The hand / foot / paw prints are taken using an inkless wipe and a paper that reacts with the wipe to produce a strong image of the print. 

Are the charms sterling silver?

We make the charms using Art Clay Silver 950, a precious metal clay which looks and feels like ordinary sculpting or porcelain clay with fine particles of sterling silver mixed with a non-toxic organic binder. When fired in a kiln, the organic binder burns away leaving the silver behind. 950 is the purity of the silver after firing; 95% silver and 5% copper. In the UK, silver up to 958 purity is hallmarked as Sterling silver (925). Whilst our charms aren’t hallmarked (this is not required due to the weight and size of our charms), their make up is 95% silver and 5% copper for added strength.

Are all the attachments and accessories silver?

Yes, we attach sterling silver jump rings to the charms, all of which are soldered for added security.  All our chains are sterling silver, as are our bracelets, bangles, keyrings with chains, cufflinks and earring backs which are hallmarked where necessary.

What happens after the print has been taken?

Once we have the prints, we get to work preparing them to get them ready to be imprinted into the silver.  With the fingerprints we make a cast of the print.  With the hand / foot and paw prints, we scan the image and miniaturise it, then make a 3D stamp to impress into the silver. We use a similar process in that we make a stamp to imprint drawings or special writing too.

How long do silver imprint charms take to make?

The charms are made by hand and go through many different processes before they are ready so usually between 4 – 6 weeks.  However, if you need your order for a certain date in a shorter time frame, it is sometimes possible to make your charms more quickly.  Please contact us on 0161 222 3445 to discuss the possibilities if this is the case.

Can I have a name inscribed?

Yes, we include a name and date or age, all hand inscribed by us, usually on the reverse of the charm.

Is there an ideal age for prints for silver imprint jewellery?

Not really.  You sometimes find that babies don’t develop a detailed fingerprint until they’re 6-12 months old.  However, you would still get an impression of how small their finger was at that age, even if there isn't a detailed print.  The hand and footprints can betaken at any age and, as they are all miniaturised, it doesn’t matter how big or small the hands or feet are at the time.

Can you do adult prints?

Absolutely!  We have taken many adult fingerprints – in fact the adult ones have the most detail and fingerprint whorls.  We have taken prints for parents with children going off to university or the armed forces.  We have taken grandparents prints for their grandchildren – and vice versa! 

A loved one has just passed away, is there anyway to capture their print before the funeral?

We have been privileged to have been able to help so many people with prints of family they have lost, which can bring so much comfort. In this instance, we can usually deal directly with the funeral directors to take the print and then any jewellery decisions can be made in your own time.  Please contact us if you need any further information on this service.

Can I have my pet’s paw prints on a charm?

Yes. The paw print range is very popular. Where convenient, you can take the prints at home, with simple instructions, when your pet is resting and relaxed. Or if you’d prefer to bring them to us, we can take the prints for you at the shop by prior arrangement.

Can you put my child’s drawing or some hand writing on a charm? 

Yes. If you have a drawing in mind, send us an image of it so we can check if it’s suitable.  The drawings work best when they aren’t too detailed and busy as they will need to be miniaturised. If you have some writing of a loved one that you'd like on a charm, again, send us an image so we can advise whether we would be able to transfer it to a stamp to imprint into the silver.

What if I want another Love Print charm in the future?

We will keep your fingerprint casts and hand / foot / paw / drawing or special writing stamps after we have made your jewellery, however, whilst we will endeavour to keep these casts / stamps indefinitely, we can not guarantee this after one year.

Buying Online

I'd like to buy a kit from you but I'm too far away from you for collection or delivery. Can you post the kits out?

At the moment, we only offer collections or delivery within a 5 mile radius. However, watch this space as it's something we may be able to offer in the future so do contact us if shipping is required as it may be something we could assist with.

What do I get with my kit? Is everything included?

Yes. All our kits include everything needed to complete the project.

With the Fired Pottery kits, you will receive your chosen pottery piece along with the 5 colour underglaze paints you have chosen (and any additional ones you have purchased). You will also receive two paint brushes and instructions to get the best results from your painting. When you have finished your painting, you can return any left over paint and the small paint tubs for us to recycle, environmentally and hygienically.

With the Non Fired Pottery, you receive your chosen piece of bisque pottery, acrylic paints (some with glitter glue), a brush and guide to mixing and using acrylics.

The Decoupage kits come with your chosen shape, Decopatch papers, Decopatch glue, a bristle brush and instructions.

The Canvas Painting kits come with either a selection of acrylic paints and a paint brush - or double ended felt tips, depending on the design of the kit you choose plus instructions.

The Foam and Silk Clay kits come with the shape you have chosen if applicable plus tubs of foam or silk clay with a helpful guide. Once you have decorated your shape, you can use the remaining foam clay to model with or to cover other items.

What payment methods do you accept online?

We accept either Paypal or credit / debit card (we do not currently accept American Express or Diners Club)

Can I have my order delivered?

Yes, if you're local to us in Cheadle, we can deliver your order within a 5 mile radius of Create It for a £3 charge. You would still need to bring any pottery that requires firing back to us - and you'd also need to come and collect the pottery once it has been fired. If you need assistance and are unable to make these additional visits, please contact us to discuss options.

I have a query about something I have seen online and I'd like some more information before I buy it.

No problem. Either give us a call on 0161 222 3445 or use our contact us form and we will help you with any further information.

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